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Hi, I’m Anna! I can’t wait to help you achieve a more balanced life.

In the world of personal and professional development, where empowerment and growth are often sought but seldom fully understood, my practice focuses on women navigating the complexities of self-improvement and career advancement. What sets my coaching apart is not just the expertise honed from decades of entrepreneurship and training in positive psychology coaching, combined with a foundational background as a chartered certified accountant, but a profound commitment to fostering deep, personal transformations that resonate beyond the surface.

At the heart of my coaching is the core belief that empowerment is an inside job, intricately tied to self-awareness, resilience, and the courage to embrace one's authentic self. My approach is
distinctively holistic, blending pragmatic business acumen with intuitive, empathetic coaching.

I use a mix of styles. I’m a solution-focused coach, which means I help my clients to identify their goals during a session, and lead them through a process to help them discover what works for them. 

I'm also a strengths-based coach, meaning I help my clients believe in and lean into the strengths they have already developed to achieve their goals. 

I'm a bit of a teacher given my training in business and marketing. I educate my clients, share models, direct my client’s attention to great resources to help them in achieving their goals. 

As you would expect, I also use a lot of positive psychology in my coaching and neuroscience, as well as CBT.

This unique combination allows me to guide my clients through a journey of self-discovery and growth that is both grounded and transformative.

Interesting facts about my coaching lie in the tailor-made nature of my offerings. I understand that each woman's journey is unique, therefore my coaching is highly personalised. From one-on-one sessions that delve into the nuances of individual challenges and aspirations, to online courses that foster a sense of community and shared growth, every aspect of my service is designed with the client's empowerment in mind.

Moreover, I place a strong emphasis on overcoming the barriers that women often face in professional environments, such as imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and a lack of self-confidence.

Through a combination of strategic goal setting, positive habit formation, and mindset shifts, I empower women to not only envision their ideal futures but to actively shape them. My clients learn to navigate their doubts and fears with a newfound sense of strength and clarity, turning perceived obstacles into stepping stones for success.

Another fact that makes my coaching unique is the incorporation of creative and innovative techniques into traditional coaching methods. Whether it's through storytelling, mindfulness practices, or leveraging the latest in positive psychology research, I ensure that the journey to empowerment is both engaging and effective. This blend of creativity and evidence-based strategies
ensures that my clients receive a well-rounded, impactful coaching experience.

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