£997.00 GBP

12 one hour coaching session package

Unlock your full potential and transform your life with personal development coaching. Embark on this journey to address the challenges you face and cultivate a life of fulfilment and happiness.

What you'll get:

  1. Personalised PERMAH Coaching: Dive into the science of well-being with a programme grounded in the PERMAH model of positive psychology, covering Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment, and Health. Tailored to your unique needs, our sessions will help you enhance your emotional well-being, find deeper engagement in daily activities, foster meaningful relationships, discover purpose, celebrate achievements, and nurture physical health.

  2. Targeted Well-being Enhancement: Begin your odyssey with a tailored well-being assessment that pinpoints areas for growth based on the PERMAH model. This assessment will guide the customisation of your programme, ensuring it addresses areas such as feelings of stagnation, lack of direction, lack of self-confidence, imposter syndrome, or unfulfilled potential.

  3. Strategies for Overcoming Challenges: Equip yourself with practical strategies and tools designed to overcome common pain points like self-doubt, procrastination, and stress. Learn to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth.

  4. Sustainable Habit Formation: Gain insights into forming and maintaining habits that support your well-being and personal goals. Discover how to integrate positive practices into your daily life, ensuring long-term growth and sustained happiness.

Please note that personal commitment and active participation are crucial to the transformative potential of the coaching. Results may vary based on individual effort and circumstances.